Employee leasing is a convenient solution when you want to concentrate on key activities for your company without worrying about staff shortages. Outsourcing is defined as separating from the organizational structure of the enterprise some of the functions performed by them and transferring them to other entities. East Power, as a trusted employment agency, you can entrust comprehensive management and implementation of recruitment processes. We offer you full service and we are ready to effectively manage recruitment processes, soft HR and administration as well as HR and payroll matters. We have extensive experience in these areas. By ordering us to keep the entire employee employment process for you, you gain: convenience

The management of delegated employees is on our side

Delegation of administrative tasks
Full payroll service
No downtime in employment
Permanent availability of employees, employment flexibility
The possibility of increasing the staff depending on your current needs: during periods of illness or holidays of full-time employees
Zero cost of recruitment and running the HR and payroll department
Zero employment obligations: ZUS, contracts, insurance, PIT, attendance lists, billing, health and safety trainings, medical examinations, legalization of employee stays are taken over
The possibility of employing employees for a different period, tailored to your specific needs. Additional assistance for employees working on accumulation of work in your company, new orders or in production peaks
Reduction of costs related to employee turnover
Selection of highly motivated people for recruitment
Paying for the work actually done
Cheap and effective testing of the competences of a future full-time employee without unnecessary risk Why is outsourcing of the employment process worth it?

The management of the current employee administration to an external company releases the recruitment departments and the HR and accounting department in the company from the multitude of documents and bureaucracy. It allows you to focus on key processes for the company, such as developing strategy, brand positioning and the company or building relationships with key business partners.

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