East Power od lat współpracuje z przedstawicielami niemieckiego rynku pracy, świadcząc usługi delegowania pracowników do przedsiębiorstw wielu różnych branż We delegate people to such countries as:


Having permission to lend employees on the German market - Arbeitnehmerüberlassung erlaubnis, confirms that East Power is a financially stable company that implements its services with full respect for the law, ensuring the safety of all cooperating parties The comprehensive delegating of employees includes

Contractor's service by a dedicated East Power representative, responsible for order processing and constant care over effective cooperation between the Employer, Agency and employees
Recruitment of employees, HR and payroll services and care provided by an office in Poland
Organization of accommodation for delegated employees The German market is distinguished by an individual approach to the customer. We adapt the nature of cooperation to the expectations of our Partners, in accordance with the following guidelines

Understanding and prioritizing the needs of the Contractor, combined with the timely implementation of tailored services Availability of a dedicated East Power representative, enabling quick response to customer inquiries
Professional service of the Contractor, guaranteed by the experience of East Power consultants in the field of posting employees

By organizing personal resources in cooperation with East Power, the Contractor gains

Skilled workers - people who have been delegated have specialized education and many years of experience in their profession
A stable, motivated team - employees' pay higher than minimum rates and comfortable accommodation have a positive impact on low turnover and high motivation of employees
High efficiency and timeliness of work - qualified, appropriately motivated employees demonstrating diligence and commitment Delegating employees

It is one of the most common methods of work flow between one and the other EU countries. To a large extent, the entire process is based on European regulations concerning the freedom to provide services by entrepreneurs in other Member States. Seconded employees work in a specific period for their employer in another EU country. The East Power employment agency delegates its employees to both simple physical and technical work in the technical sectors. You can read more about this here Advantages of posting employees

1. A simple way to calculate labor costs, calculated as the product of the rate and the number of hours worked - the time saved on unnecessary bureaucracy can be spent by the employer on developing your company

2. Flexibility of employment, no periods of notice, as in the case of own employees - employees are only employed for a period in which they are really needed: during holidays, holidays, increased supplies, new urgent orders etc.

3. Much more motivation - delegated employees want to do their job as quickly as possible and move on to the next challenges

4. Transferring all staffing issues to East Power - we take on all the documentation related to the employment and settlement of the crew

5. Employees' willingness to work overtime - delegated workers often want to work overtime