Why us?


We comprehensively recruit. On our side, there is everything that hides the concept of recruitment. We find candidates in our extensive databases and using specially developed recruitment methods. We guarantee that the proposed candidates will meet your expectations. They will be qualified and competent people. Considering today's employee labor market trend, this is especially important.



Saving time and money

Entrepreneurs deciding to cooperate with us gain. Cooperation means saving time and resources, which do not have to be spent on laborious and not always intentional recruitment results. Entrusting us with recruitment processes means guaranteeing achievement of planned goals in a given time. Our clients always increase efficiency at the same time, resulting in large savings.


The recruitment process does not end with hiring an employee. An experienced team of coordinators is responsible for contacting both our clients and employees throughout the entire period of cooperation. A responsible and professional approach allows us to maintain the level of rotation at a very low, thanks to which you do not lose anything on the need to implement new employees.


When you decide to cooperate with East Power, you have a huge opportunity to flexibly manage the number of employees you currently need. Thanks to our experience, we are able to provide a certain number of employees to work in the desired time. If the number of vacancies is increased or reduced, this will not be a problem for us. We are able to implement even the most unusual and flexible orders without any problem.

According to opinions

We are the best choice for medium and large enterprises looking for qualified personnel. Thanks to our commitment and individual treatment of each project, we are the best choice for every employer. This is evidenced by our constantly expanding database of Polish and foreign contractors. We are pioneers in the outsourcing and personnel consulting industry. Check personally why other entrepreneurs trusted us.