East Power Work Agency

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East Power agency

We provide comprehensive solutions in the field of personnel management and selection and recruitment of employees. We are a dynamically developing group in the field of employment, outsourcing and HR consulting. Each offer is constructed individually in accordance with the needs and instructions of the client, and the result is the highest quality and satisfaction with cooperation. We will find the right employees for you.

Save time

Cooperation with us will allow you to focus fully on the subject of your business. We recruit candidates and all matters related to the preparation of employees, such as medical examinations, health and safety trainings, etc.

Work with the best

By choosing our services, you can be sure that the proposed staff will meet the requirements set in the order. You can also replace individual employees free of charge without giving reasons.

Save money

In the case of employing workers from the East, you save up to 30% on wages. In addition, you are not obliged to pay the employee in his absence (holiday). It's easy - you only pay for worked time!